Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YES! + or the defeat of Arrogance

Fear not! I am not so full of myself to have been ever arrogant with anyone!  However, today’s talk will be about the bliss of a lifetime – The beginning of something more amazing than seeing a monkey eating ice cream on the moon! Yes, it’s YES! +

YES + stands for Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop for the adults aged between 18 and 30 years old.  So basically, it is a 26 hours of spiritual fun stretched over 4 days.  It is a course, among others, given by the Art of Living teachers and the only reason that you will not benefit from it a single bit is if you are absent from the whole course or you do not give a single piece of attention to the course.
And this is what I did to Part 1 in 2007, when chaos was befriending my life, when the lighthouse of my path was off and the storm of confusion was at its climax in and around me. I did not pay any attention because I reluctantly went there, not to say that I was forced as a sea cucumber follows the tide currents.

That time, I did the breathing techniques called Pranayama, Bhastrika and Sudarshan Kriya and felt better during the course, but afterwards, I did not follow up with regular practice and guess what? Doom was knocking yet again at my already shattered door.  However I managed to cross that ocean of troubles but sacrificed a lot and now that I reached the shore and rested well physically, and from recent life incidents at the beginning of the year, I felt that the usual fire of selflessness and unconditional love present within was only a glow.  I was feeling burnt-out and nothing that I usually do to make myself feel better was making any day my day! So, as an angel proposed about the course, as I thought of Jim Carrey in Yesman, I decided to enroll in another course called the YES! + of my own free will! It has been the bestest decision I have ever taken in the last 5 years!

It started on Thursday and ended on Sunday.
That Thursday, the sunny day was coming o an end as I stepped in with a dear friend who recommended the course to me.  Wearing loose fitting cloth as advised with a bottle of water in hand, I stooped into the hall of Art of Living Centre in Wootun.
I do recall that on that day I had a very relaxing morning and afternoon devoid of all stress but yet, Amazing was that feeling of peace, that invaded me. I felt invaded by the sweet fumes of cleanliness.  That hall is magic.  The vibes there made my first impression my conclusion! It was as if you smelled a rose for the first time ever, with the eyes opening wide in marvel of such unseen beauty. 
As I was able to gather my emotions to acknowledge this feeling, my eyes hit straight ahead on Guru Ji’s picture.  His eyes were amazingly calm that can make anyone ask if he is here or not at that present moment.  His smile was simply peaceful – no other words to describe this! Peaceful as in he’s peaceful inside and also because it emanates a soothing of your own soul.

As the course started, the shyness to befriend strangers did not even come up for you felt at home and merged in the funnily serious and seriously funny activities, you felt detached from the outside world. You felt like in Guru Ji’s lap and playing joyfully like a child!  Time flew by soaked in joy, fun, and intense moment of peace and pure, absolutely pure bliss!  For the 4 days present there, I shall not reveal the activities for this is the happiness of surprise
As Sunday came and a changed persons we all are, the energy flowing through us like never before, we lavishingly poured into the main stream of shouts and dance during the satsang.  Here again a One of a Kind experience that we will all lovingly repeat anytime anywhere!

For the defeat of arrogance, as I termed it in the title, it is not the usual ego that some, full of themselves, usually boast out of ignorance to try dominate others or despise them.  It was the defeat of the arrogance from within, the constant self-appraisal that kept saying that I was fine and doing great even though my spiritual power was down before doing YES! +.  It was that illusion of believing that since I have a roof under which to sleep and food and parental love, I was “ok”. 

It was that defeat of that arrogance as I humbled myself to accept that I could no more carry hefty burden for now.  Atlas of the Greeks I was, crumbling under such pressure, I was…
Ss the nectar of Pranayama entwines my soul with the fire of Sudarshan Kriya and the wings of Bhastrika, now again, I am more than ever ready to be who I am, to serve the people!
The Fire is Back!

Your greatest gift for me is that you follow the courses offered at the Art of Living organisation and to give your 100% in it!

Thank You YES! +!
Thank You Tannu Ji 
Thank You Prakirtee Ji!

Thank You Sri Sri!
Jai Guru Dev